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Three Valid Techniques To Help Generate Buzz About

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-27
Deciding to participate in expos marks a critical marketing decision in any business' promotional initiatives. While a convention is a firmly established means for a business to advertise their products and enhance brand recognition, there are many factors to consider throughout the process before ultimately achieving success. With the checklist of to-do's including researching events that complement an organization's corporate mission to investing in often pricy trade show booths, the decision to enter the arena of industry conventions should never be taken lightly. However, once the choice is made to attend, it's imperative to keep a steady focus on attaining event success. Visitor Traffic Is A Key Component To Success At Trade Show Displays While each business employs its own customized means of achieving trade show display success, there is often only one primary focus at the event itself: to get the most guests possible to stop into the trade show booths for an up-close and personal look at what the company offers. Tactics to entice attendees to stop in a stand can range from subtle to over the top promotional antics with varying results based on proper execution. While giveaways and money machines are great, companies don't always have to rely on external features and gimmicks to get the crowd to notice their stands. Actually, looking internally can create a host of ideas on how to stand apart from the competition. Consider these three viable approaches at the next function to both generate buzz and increase foot traffic. Customize These Three Tactics For Your Business Trade Show Booths Unveil A New Product: Always look internally when initially brainstorming the most effective ways to go from a mere face in the crowd to the stand the crowd is making a beeline toward. If your business has a new product coming out soon, why not first reveal it at a trade show display? Unveiling a new product at the event itself is an excellent way to build excitement and anticipation and effectively capture the attention of the swarming crowds and further your organization's marketing message. Hold A Product Raffle: Don't have a new line to unveil? Not a problem. Your business can still pique the intrigue of the crowd by offering a raffle on one of your other higher end products. Be sure to include details on the raffles on pre-show invitations and also ask to have it announced at various points throughout the event. Your trade show displays will be brimming with guests anxious to give you their contact information for a chance at winning one of your company's finest items. Offer Product/Service Discounts: Rather than spending money on ho-hum giveaways that have nothing to do with your organization, opt instead for handing out vouchers for discounts on products and services your business offers. Just as giveaways can be tiered, so can the value of the promotional coupons. Attendees will love enjoying product discounts from your organization long after the convention itself has ended.
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