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Tobacco Display Ban

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-26
The Public health Act 2008 prohibits the display of tobacco product. The ban holds the tobacco product retailers responsible; it is retailers' responsibility to comply with the new legislation before the full force enforcement of the law in April 2015.it will thus be a criminal offense if either a shop manager or shop owner is found violating this law. Violation of tobacco ban display law will attract a fine of huge fine of five thousand pound or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both. This ban however never just came in place freely; it legislation took into consideration of some key reasons. There are four main reasons has been banned. These reasons are: Luring of new smokers: It is highly believed that display of tobacco attracts new smokers. The new smokers are mainly the youth or children. Exposure products at point of sale will immensely attract curious youths who are at experimental ages. If the products are thus hidden from them, there will be a denied access to them and consumption among young children will reduce. New user who fear asking or buying will find it easy to buy if the tobacco products are widely exposed to every buyer. In short, the ease of accessibility highly encourages consumption of tobacco product. Display is same as advertising: product is typically a direct advertisement. The display at point of sale creates the awareness of the availability of tobacco at the point of sale. Furthermore, tobacco product display serves as main key influencing factors to non-smokers who are mainly children. The display influences imagery of the curious children who on seeing may develop interest in wanting to know how tobacco tastes. Increased brand families: Tobacco display is targeted to specific smokers. Most tobacco manufacturing companies have increased point of sale exposure through display leading to development of new brands of tobacco. Some of the brands have effects n smokers. Due to this, the display was prohibited to control the number of brands in the market as doing so will assist in regulating the popularity awareness of new brands in the market. Opinion from the public: Majority of public opinion supports the ban of display of tobacco products at point of sale because of the perceived negative effects of tobacco products on the general public. Research conducted after legislation act showed that 73% of people support the removal of point of sale display of tobacco. In response to this, Expotutto group has special storage units that mitigate the venom of this law on tobacco retailers. Expotutto devised special storage units for tobacco within a shop. The units obstruct display on customers view but give the seller a convenient view. The Expotutto group has mainly the Apollo counters and servertabs. Apollo counters are special designed shelves that resemble safes and are spacious and movable. On the other hand, servertabs are elevated and display units that offer convenient storage products. Servertabs are the recent innovation of the best storage units of tobacco in a shop. Thanks to Expotutto group for the timely and useful technology that have increased the sale of products despites the display ban!
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