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Total Displays Offers a Three Point Guarantee

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-23
Highly effective signs, a wide variety in style shape and design, and a guarantee that's hard to beat make Total Displays a winner for advertising and promotion of any business. Look for them at trade shows exhibition halls and even in shopping centers and you will find they stand out while attracting the attention of the public. No advertising campaign can hope to succeed without bringing in the crowds to learn more about what that business has to offer them, and each sign produced by Total Displays easily wins out over the competition with amazing and delightful signage with outstanding graphics and colorful designs in a wide variety of purchase options. X-GLOO is the perfect event tent for the trade show circuit When attending the trade shows or participating in promotions at exhibition halls, exhibitors know they must offer something the others simply don't. Simple signs can gain attention but to truly bring in the crowds to learn of what you are offering them there must be more. Begin your promotion with an X-GLOO event tent to grab the public's attention and 'show up' your competitors. These stylish tents can easily be assembled by one person, later to be taken down quite simply and stored away until the next event. Simple in design yet sturdy and weather resistant, the X-GLOO event tent is showing itself to be show worthy and very attractive. Light boxes and exhibition stands that work hard for your display Add light to your display with light boxes that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Graphics are printed on with diffused lighting that allows the light to pass through in a diffused manner, spreading light evenly and attractively onto your promotional message. Light boxes are ready to plug in and work for you, making them quite portable and easy to set up at trade shows or wherever you choose to display your business promotion. Put some light onto your ad campaign now with attractive light boxes. Display stands in a wide assortment of size and style concepts Choose from small medium or large for a portable display stand that will stand up to the rigors of any convention hall or trade show event. Small sized and compact, the three sided stand is modular in design and 7.7m x 5m or 37.5 square meters in size, making it very easy to set up in almost any smaller space. The somewhat larger 8m x 5m or 40 square meter size is open on two sides and affords plenty of space for displays. An even larger 8m x 6m or 48 square meter size, open on three sides, is large enough to accommodate smaller stands and signs to promote your business. If size allows check out the 15m x 10m display stand that offers up to 150 square meters of usable space for meeting pods, desks, and plenty of space for promotional materials with lots of storage area that is hidden out of the way. Whatever you decide Total Displays has the right fit for your business With so much to select from Total Displays ranks highest in customer appreciation and with their three point guarantee to back your purchases the choice is simple. Let Total Displays and their proven signs help your business become the success it deserves!
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