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Types OF Point OF Sale Display And Their Uses

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-23
A retail industry is one of the oldest in the world. Retail advertising is a business which engages great amount of skill as well as knowledge. This industry has gone through vast changes over the years. It has certain techniques which are used and known over the years. The main aim of the retailer is to satisfy the customer and making the journey of the customer in the outlet a memorable one. Whenever you enter a retail outlet first thing you look around is the interior of the store this makes most of the shopping environment. All most all the retail store around the world depends on point of sale display stands to promote and impress emotionally excited customers to buy from their store. The difference is not much it's just that one is more effectual than the other. Below are brief samples of three main common point of sale display units that retailers use in their store on a regular basis. (FSDUs) Free Standing Display Units FSDUS are strategically placed at some specific location of the store where the customer spends more time. These racks are useful in displaying or advertising short term offers or restricted version products. These racks have a benefit, they are free stationed and is easy to put in a place when the endorsement is over it can easily be removed from the place. These are designed in such a way that it is easily seen by the customer. They are on different shapes and sizes and come in a variety of colors. They are very eye catching. These racks are more effective when they are placed near the entrance of the store to grasp the attention of the customer as soon as he enters the store or at the passage way where the customer looks ahead for offers. (CDUs) Counter Top Display Units counter top display units are placed on the billing counter to attract the attention of the customer just before the customer pays. These racks are small in size but are of great utility. Since the pay counters are very noisy and crowded, the poor products are competing to seek attention. CDUs are designed originally in an attractive way. Small placards are also used with catchy captions to produce effective branding to vigil the customers who usually tend to buy. These products include chocolates, chewing gums etc. Wobblers They are widely used in super markets and are placed at shelf-level to support impulsive buying. They can be both offer based and encouraging and can work well when the customer is in two minds over buying a product. They are also useful to resell a product. For example a wobbler rack placed in front of a burger may remind the customer of buying buns. There are a number of POS items available in the market. As days are passing by they are becoming more imaginative and planned as the customers are becoming savvier. It is all about promoting and about creating an art within the store keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the customers. As days are passing by new innovations and thoughts are being created by chief retailers and their POS agencies. About us: The SPS Group are a group of companies specializing in POS marketing. We design and manufacture complete and effective point of sale display solutions for brands and retailers such as point of sale display stands, resulting in more products sold by our customers.
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