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Using Display Stands To Advertise Your Business

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-14
Display stands, also known as banner stands, are an important part of advertising your business. In this age, you need to advertise in every way possible to ensure that people notice your business, and a display stand can help with this. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, and the right design can easily capture someone's attention. Just make sure the design is made with a call-of-action or that it lists benefits to ensure that people take advantage of your services. Where Can I Use Display Stands? There are many types of stands, and you can use them in different areas. If you choose an outdoor display stand, then you can add the stands at sporting events, outside your store or in the centre of town and they can be added to gathering places like beaches and other areas. Retractable stands are easy to store and carry, and they are typically used at trade shows. Indoor stands can be placed in other businesses you own or are affiliated with, or then can be placed in your own store to alert people of upcoming events. Colours and Designs While there are some exceptions, most displays stands are full-colour. This means you can print any colour you want on the stand. Some stands are only two colour, meaning there is a background colour and another one for text. The design is the biggest selling point, so you should take a lot of time thinking about how your design should look. You should use an image that draws people's attention, and you should use text that entices them. If you are using the design for brand awareness, then you can list some benefits of your product or brand. Another type of design that works is just showcasing one of your products and highlighting a slogan. If you are using the stand for an upcoming event, then try to add a call-of-action asking people to reserve seats, call for assistance or something similar. Display Stand Effectiveness If you make the proper design, then display banners can be incredibly effective. They are colourful, can be brought nearly anywhere and they help brand awareness. However, if you make a weak design, then it can be difficult to draw people in. Overall, these have been shown to be best at trade shows, especially when it can be difficult to stand above all the other similar businesses. Since they can be brought anywhere due to their lightweight design, these stands are also good for canvassing areas with your marketing, especially in places where posters cannot go. Creation Time Another great reason to use display stands for your advertising is their creation time. It typically only takes a few days to a week to make a display stand. This allows you to quickly take advantage of their advertising potential, especially if you have an event coming up quickly. Conclusion Display banners are great for advertising your business, especially if they are coupled with a great design. They can be made very quickly, and they can go anywhere due to their lightweight design. These features combine to create a very effective advertising item that is easy to carry around and use. Whether you are a new business or a nationally recognized brand, display stands are great for advertising your business.
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