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Using Party Globe Lights With Other Lighting

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-21
Globe lights can offer you a variety of lighting options in your home's interior. While used often because of their ability to illuminate indoors and outside for special events, you may discover that you can use them in everyday settings. The different colors available from the strands can add to your creative use for decorating a room. As you think about different uses of these strands, keep their portable feature in mind. You might want to use them inside to create a temporary special place, perhaps as seasonal lighting indoors or outside. You may be able to use the strands along with other alternative light sources, such as paper lanterns, for a more exotic feel. If your child has issues with trying to sleep in the dark, consider the lighted strands as a way to provide low, indirect light for the bedroom. You can hang them high near the ceiling so that the room can be illuminated through the night but kept out of your child's reach. The soft glow could help the child go to sleep. You could add the strands to a display on a shelf to spotlight a special collection or photographs. You might want to try to weave a strand into a china cabinet to help display heirloom dishes. You also could line a bookshelf with a strand, especially if the shelving has an open back end. This type of treatment can add sparkle to porcelain or glass objects. These lighted strands also can be strung along a mantel in a dark corner of your home to highlight special pieces you might have sitting atop a fireplace, such as a tabletop antique clock. You may choose to use white, larger versions of these strands, which can be displayed elegantly. The subtle illumination also may be soft enough so as not to compete with the fireplace's own glow. If you have hard-to light corners of your kitchen, consider these orbs to attach under cabinets to provide a targeted glow along a counter. This may help you to see in food preparation without having to use the overhead lighting generally found in a kitchen. The strands also may be used to line a buffet if you are entertaining guests, to help them get a closer look at the available food options. If you want to try an instant lamp, then purchase tiny LED orbs to place in a large jar and moved around in a room as a portable yet elegant light source. These types of indirect lighting may be an alternative source for a bathroom or bedroom when you do not want to use the overhead light. Different vases of various colors can enhance the display as the light glows through the container. You may find even more ways to display party globe lights in your home. Take the time to review your rooms and outdoor possibilities to see where these strands might work. The strands do not have to be saved for exclusive use in summer, or even merely special events. You can search online to compare prices and styles available.
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