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Using Point of Sale Displays In Your Shop.

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-21
Whether you want to dress up your shop floor, add a touch of class to a certain display, or you simply need a place to put that certain new product, here are some tips on how you can use a point of sale display in your shop. Retail displays in key areas of shops are what stop customers in their tracks and get them to notice certain products or take a look at items that they might not otherwise have been able to find. It's not just about getting them to buy something-sometimes it's helping them find that thing that they are looking for. A point of sale display highlights an item and makes it easier to see. It also makes it appear attractive and interesting. This is great for items like newly released CD's and best seller books, novelty items such as holiday key rings or unusual plush toys, and new flavours of familiar chocolate bars. If you want a customer to find that book they have been searching for, trying using a display like this at the beginning of the book section of your shop-or place it by the door or the cash register so that they will notice it without even having to ask where the books are. If you want someone to buy an item that they might not really be looking for but might enjoy, try placing the display in a high traffic section such as toys or magazines. Or place some by the tills where people tend to pick up last-minute items for gifts or to give the kids or grandkids in the car. There are many different ways you can use displays like this. But always use professionally designed and appealing looking displays. It does no good to have a perfectly-placed display that looks like it was made by a five-year-old. Appearance is everything.
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