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Wal-mart Upgrades iPad And iPhone Application

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-21
Wal-Mart launched a new iPad application and an upgrade iPhone application, in order to connect users offline and online shopping experience. Upgrade edition has a number of new function used iPhone, including speech create shopping lists, barcode scanning, at the same time, the full integration of business group buying stamps, and iPad application can let users online and offline found that they want to buy goods. The new application is also @ WalmartLabs newly launched one of the first batch of products. @ WalmartLabs by wal-mart is its Global eCommerce department set up a new business. Global eCommerce department born out of wal-mart earlier this year the acquisition of social media venture company Kosmix, wal-mart new Facebook application is also the ministry Shopycat social shopping door of the works. Shopycat can let users according to friends on Facebook is the activity of the above recommended gift. Although the integration of social function is not yet support two section new application, but they are really exciting. For example, users can through the voice let iPhone shopping list from, not solely to each item release voice commands. Wal-mart iPhone application's speech function with Apple new smartphone(related: dvd to ipad converter free), also USES Nuance speech recognition technology. But the primary way through Nuance technology integration to iPhone application, make its various mobile phone with existing iPhone can realize reverse compatible. Shopping list can through the manual or bar code scanning two ways to update, similar to the apple iTunes store on existing other shopping list applications. But with many of the application of such different, wal-mart's iPhone application will also include price information, shopping list in the process of building real-time updates. Another user is very useful for wal-mart is the function of, and bulk order coupon website Coupons. Com realize type for integration. Upgrade edition iPhone application last significant function is the product search tools, the function is still in the test in, it can display the local shop all items in the position of the store. Wal-mart constantly improve the function in future plans, make the user can finishing shopping list, draw shopping route, increase the efficiency and shopping speed. Wal-mart the launch of new iPad application while there are some function and iPhone application is same(ipad related: dvd to ipad converter), but also have many differences, such as increased inventory search function, covers wal-mart's website commodity inventory and local inventory information. The new application can be let users get the product of detailed information, including the user ratings and reviews. In the electronic commerce field for wal-mart's main rival amazon, wal-mart mobile and digital business, senior vice President of auspicious cloth Thomas (Gibu Thomas) is yet to make a direct evaluation, just say wal-mart has 3800 home in the entity shop, weekly these entities of the passenger flow shop has 'Internet scale' : there are 140 million people a week to the wal-mart chain shopping. Although Thomas to wal-mart and no amazon's e-commerce business direct comparison, but the next few months, wal-mart will continue to integrate online and off-line, mobile and social experience, but this kind of experience in wal-mart will play an important role in the competition strategy, and may will wal-mart current entity shop passenger flow into the online user.
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