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What Are Some Ways Digital Corrugated Displays Are Used

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-20
Corrugated printing is an excellent way for a business to make a major statement at a point of sale. It is a technique familiar to anyone who has ever been inside a store. Large colorful stand-up displays are eye-catching and often interactive. Digital corrugated displays are everywhere in retail locations. We see them in the grocery store holding bags of chips in stacked compartments, in the drug chain holding sun glasses, in the book store holding CDs and DVDs, and countless other places with a myriad of products. Some are life sized cutouts of our favorite sports figures and some are shipping cartons that, with the right fold and insert techniques, become a stand up display. There are several shapes of these displays known by different names such as: Corrugated displays are produced by a digital printing method either directly onto cardboard or fiber board, or on a large printed label applied to the display surface. The latter method produces a more vibrant color and clarity. Because the cost of cutting a large custom die for standard printing is so high, these large displays are always produced digitally. Before corrugated printing displays can be set up at a point of sale, the buyer or manager will want to see what the finished product will look like. Because of this, manufacturers are required to invest a great deal of money into the design and production of these displays before they even have approval. A simple drawing is not acceptable. That is why the costs of these displays must be kept to a minimum and they must be ready to ship immediately after approval. Digital corrugated displays give them more options at an outstanding value.
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