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What are the matters needing attention in product display cabinets?

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-29
What are the matters needing attention in product display cabinets?

when talking about display cabinets, I believe many people will not feel strange. Display cabinets can better highlight the advantages of products when displaying products, and have many advantages for products, generally, shops will display the main sales or classic products in the display cabinet, but there are many places that everyone needs to pay attention to when carrying out daily care of the display cabinet, otherwise, it will have a bad influence on the display cabinet.

when wiping the display cabinet, do not choose casual cloth such as coarse cloth to wipe. When wiping the display cabinet, it is best to choose a towel, cotton cloth and other fabrics with good water absorption to wipe the display cabinet, choose a softer cloth to wipe, and when wiping the display cabinet, do not choose a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the display cabinet, because the dust will have fine particles. Wiping with a dry cloth may cause damage to the surface of the display cabinet, although it is not obvious, however, if the time is long, it will affect the glossiness of the display cabinet, so it needs to be avoided.

when using the display cabinet cleaner, choose the appropriate cleaning products to clean, if it is soap water, detergent and other products to clean, then the service life of the display cabinet will be affected. When cleaning by nursing wax spraying, attention should also be paid to the corresponding maintenance work, which will also affect the corresponding situation of the display cabinet.

of course, when you are nursing the display cabinet, you should be clear about the corresponding material of the display cabinet. When the display cabinets of different materials are maintained, the effect of the display is different, pay more attention to the effect of the display.

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