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What details should be paid attention to for making baking paint of the cosmetic cabinet?


Baking paint cosmetic cabinet is a high class one. Its production process is complex. It requires the manufacturer to focus on details. So what details should we pay attention to ?


1. The manufacturer should follow the drawing. After the cabinet model has been set up , its style , size and texture need to conform to drawing requirements. And meanwhile it should be no seams , polished smooth and no burr.


2. Waterproof and moisture-proof treatment should be processed before baking paint. The base layer has an isolation layer formed between the paints to reduce the risk of paint cracking.


3. To form a smooth and exquisite surface, the cabinet paint needs a strict sanding treatment so that we can have a beautiful and perfect appearance.


4. Regular maintenance is required for the baking paint room. So we can avoid dust affects the paint surface in the production. And at the same time to maintain the integrity of the baking paint room circuit and paint equipment.


The above are the details we should pay attention to making the cabinets. Only by focusing on details can you make the perfect cabinets.


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