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Your Guide to Why Compact Cars Are Popular

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-14
Looking for an affordable and attractive car that boasts sophisticated design and a wide range of features? A compact could be exactly what you are looking for - this mid-sized vehicle offers more room that a Supermini or City Car but still delivers great fuel economy and performance. This has caused compact cars to become the most popular mode of transport in the UK. Perfect for those with a small family as well as an eye for cutting edge design, let's have a look at just why the compact car is going from strength to strength in the consumer marketplace. Great Value With Lots of Extras Compact cars are a great choice for those on a fairly tight budget but who don't want to compromise on space, stylish design, economical value and sound reliability. Optional features such as CD players and power windows can be requested and for those with more to spend on their new vehicle, models are available with features that are usually associated with higher-end cars. Bluetooth, keyless entry, keyless ignition, rear-view cameras and MP3 capabilities are just a few of the options available for those who really want to stand out from the crowd. All these options mean that not only are compact cars a great choice for an affordable purchase, pound for pound the array of available features will mean that your value-for-money will be impressive. Fuel Efficient and Ecologically Sound Compact cars were the first class of vehicle to introduce hybrid models into the consumer marketplace. These types of combination petrol and electric powered wonders offer great fuel efficiency, not to mention a drastic reduction in carbon emissions. All in all, compact cars offer the highest mileage for your money than any other car of its size. Whether your priorities are dictated by budget or environment, this type of vehicle will suit your needs. Comfort and Safety Most compact cars tend to thoroughly address safety during their design and manufacture. A legal requirement means that all compact cars come with two front air bags. Both in crash tests and real world situations, they have repeatedly proved their reliability when it comes to safety. For an extra charge you also can choose to add a range of additional safety features. These include anti-lock disc brakes and electronic stability control. Being a mid-size car, there will of course be some compromise between seating and storage space. A compact will comfortably sit two full sized adults in the front and two in the back seat, but there will be differences in room allowance from model to model, so you're advised to shop around if this is a priority. As for storage space, many compact cars offering easy to fold seating to increase cargo room when needed. Versatile and Stylish If you want your compact car to stand out in terms of a stylish, contemporary appearance, you'll be able to choose from a range of paintwork and upholstery colours, interior amenities and other cosmetic options. Turbo-charging is also available for those who want to give their ride an extra boost. In addition, sports suspension and high-end tyres will allow you to enhance and tweak your driving experience. And don't forget that some models come as convertibles, giving you that refreshing wind-in-the-hair option for sunny days. Compact cars are increasingly being seen as a lifestyle choice and with some critically praised designs appearing in the last twelve months, they're becoming more and more desirable. With luxurious interiors to match the sleek build of the exterior, your car will be as good to look at as it is to drive. Conclusion A compact car is a reliable, roomy and stylish choice for you and your family's everyday needs. Its enviable fuel economy and eco-friendly nature allow for a guilt free driving experience. Plus, a wide variety of models boast luxury features for the discerning consumer, so you'll be spoilt for choice. Whichever model you go for, you'll be assured a well designed and competitively priced car.
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